Support for income diversification and value adding

101 Distance learning course on the design and formulation of agro-ecotourism projects
102 Course: Guidelines for the formulation of agrotourism projects
103 Course: Train-the- trainers in HACCP and food safety and food quality management systems
104 Guidelines for the preparation of territorial tourism development plans
105 Methodology for formulating strategic plans for community-based rural tourism with the chain approach
106 Workshop: Quality, safety, and value added in poultry processing

Develop and strengthen chain organizations

201 Course: Management of local agro-production chains
202 Methodology: Chains and dialogue for action (CADIAC)
203 Methodology for analyzing the international competitiveness of an agro-production chain
204 Methodology for studying market relations in agroindustrial systems
205 Methodology for developing consensus on competitiveness agendas and for creating opportunities to discuss political, institutional, technical-productive, and commercial issues

206 Agricultural Chains Observatory

207 Agricultural and Forestry Sector Observatory
208 Information system for the management and performance of chain organizations

Economic management of rural territo ries

301 Course to create or strengthen community credit, marketing, and service funds
302 Methodology for characterizing and strengthening local agrifood systems (SIAL)
303 Methodology to prioritize interventions to promote products with territorial identity (PTI)
304 Methodology for identifying agribusinesses with development potential in rural territories

Facilitate market acces and link farmers to markets

401 Technical assistance for developing equivalent sanitary measures for food inspection
402 Technical assistance for participation in trade fairs and missions
403 Methodology: Platforms for accessing local markets and boosting commercial inclusion of small- and medium-scale producers
404 Methodology: Export platforms
405 Workshop: Identifying and meeting export requirements for specific markets

Strengthen agribusines management

501 Technical assistance to strengthen agribusiness and managerial capacities
502 Technical assistance for preparing business plans
503 Basic course on market identification
504 Training course on the management of associative rural enterprises
505 Course: Export business plans
506 Self-directed guide for designing strategies to access dynamic markets
507 Seminars to strengthen export capacities
508 Workshop: Price analysis, a market intelligence tool

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