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We operate via projects that produce concrete results, through the effective and transparent use of all our human, financial and infrastructure resources in each country.

The following are our flagship projects:

  1. Competitiveness and sustainability of agricultural chains for food security and economic development
  2. Inclusion in agriculture and rural areas
  3. Resilience and comprehensive risk management in agriculture
  4. Productivity and sustainability of family agriculture for food security and the rural economy

We also operate through:

  • Externally funded projects, whose technical or administrative management is assigned to IICA by one or more of its partners.
  • Rapid response actions to address specific situations as they arise, for which IICA mobilizes its technical capabilities in answer to a request for short-term support from a member country.
  • Pre-investment initiatives, aimed at securing and mobilizing complementary financial resources

We will continue to make Agricultural Health and Food Safety (AHFS), an issue of particular importance for the member countries, a high priority of our technical cooperation.

For more information, refer to IICA’s 2014-2018 Medium-term Plan and 2010-2020 Strategic Plan.

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