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The distinctive activities through which IICA fulfills the mandates from the countries are as follows:

  • Institutional strengthening
  • Capacity building and development of human talent
  • Development and strengthening of public policies
  • Management and use of knowledge
  • Project management
  • Consensus building and coordination of stakeholders
  • Horizontal cooperation
  • Corporate management

The agriculture that we promote

We offer technical support to help all the countries of the hemisphere achieve the following strategic objectives:

  1. Improve the productivity and competitiveness of the agricultural sector
  2. Strengthen agriculture’s contribution to the development of rural areas and the well-being of the rural population
  3. Improve agriculture’s capacity to mitigate and adapt to climate change and make better use of natural resources
  4. Improve agriculture’s contribution to food security

A results-oriented IICA

We work actively to ensure that our technical cooperation produces the following interlinked, verifiable and measurable results:

  • Transformations: the achievement of the strategic objectives, which are the responsibility of all the sector stakeholders in each country.
  • Contributions: changes brought about by IICA’s intervention through international public goods.
  • Outputs or services: concrete deliverables or contributions of our cooperation.

Attentive to the demand from the countries

We endeavor to ensure that the international public goods support the countries in areas in which they have common needs, at four levels:

  • Hemispheric
  • Regional (Northern, Central, Andean, Southern and Caribbean regions)
  • Multinational
  • National

The organization of our work at all levels is reflected in the IICA country strategies, which make it possible to address the priorities indicated by the nations themselves.

A renewed model

We have renewed our technical cooperation model in order to obtain quality results that have an impact on agriculture in our countries. We aim to achieve measurable contributions through the following features of the model:

  • A clear definition of the Institute’s functions and capabilities
  • Cross-thematic coordination, with differentiated country strategies
  • Programmatic execution through projects
  • Use of networks of offices and technical personnel
  • Technical services and corporate management as an integral part of technical cooperation
  • Allocation of resources based on expected results
  • Rigorous evaluation of results, geared to continuous improvement
  • Intense communication and dissemination of results
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