- To promote and provide cooperation for the production, compilation, analysis, organization, use and dissemination of technical information related to the development of the agricultural and rural sectors of the Americas.

- To contribute to ensuring that technical information is viewed as a strategic element of IICA’s actions in the rural and agricultural sectors in the member countries.

- To strengthen the Agricultural Information and Documentation System for the Americas (SIDALC), the IICA Library System and editorial management as instruments for organizing and disseminating technical information in the member countries.

- To promote, together with the DSP, the “working together” approach, with a view to developing strategic partnership with institutions that organize and manage technical information, in order to be able to do more together to benefit the member countries.

(2006-2010 Medium-Term Plan)

 Documents and publications

IICA Publication Policy.pdfIICA Publication PolicyPriscila Cascante
Guidelines for institutional publications.pdfGuidelines for institutional publicationsPriscila Cascante
Form Planning for Technical Publications.pdfForm Planning for Technical PublicationsPriscila Cascante

 Documents and Publications

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  IICA's team work

 Biblioteca Venezuela - Sede Central

Priscila Cascante, Bibliotecóloga

 Orton Memorial Library (IICA / CATIE)

Martha Abarca, Jefe Biblioteca Conmemorativa Orton 
Addy Mora, Préstamos
Alexander Solano, Área de servicios
Gilberth Gamboa, Área de servicios
Gledith Golfin, Asistente de documentación
Javier Brenes, Encargado de Adquisiciones
Juan Rojas, Fotocopiadora
Kathya Lines, Procesos Técnicos
Katia Castillo, Venta de publicaciones
Matilde Gómez, Procesos Técnicos
Luis Orocu, Asistente de documentación
Manuel Hidalgo, Unidad de informática
Rigoberto Aguilar, Área de servicios
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