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21/07/2015Countries settle on a proposal for the financial strengthening of IICA
An initiative for the countries of the Americas to increase their annual contributions to IICA will be presented to the ministers of agriculture of the region at the meeting they will be holding in Mexico in October.
20/07/2015In October
Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas to discuss productivity and sustainability

This year, the highest-level meeting of the hemisphere’s agricultural sector will be taking place in Mexico, organized by that country’s Secretariat of Agriculture and IICA.
16/07/2015IICA calls for strengthening investment in agriculture in the Americas
IICA’s member countries recognized the organization’s contributions to regional agriculture and are discussing alternatives for revitalizing its finances.
10/07/2015Energy solutions to improve production
A video shows the inspiring results of the EEP program, executed by IICA in the Andean countries using Finnish resources.
10/07/2015Efforts underway to increase agricultural health in the Caribbean
A training event supported by IICA seeks to strengthen capacities for designing policies that benefit consumers and the environment.
07/07/2015Cooperation agencies set out to coordinate agricultural health actions in Central America
The aim is to avoid the duplication of efforts and address the countries’ priorities more effectively.
06/07/2015Orchid dome drives rural inclusion and the conservation of biodiversity in Colombia
A project by IICA has benefited over 60 Colombian families by incorporating forest products to viable business models.
02/07/2015Training promoted by Mexico and IICA will drive rural tourism in Haiti
Technical training is part of a program by the Mexican Secretariat of Agriculture that seeks to strengthen the agricultural sector in Central America and the Caribbean.
01/07/2015IICA promotes the use of renewable energies in rural Andean territories
A new guide by IICA will allow for systematizing good practices in renewable energy use that will benefit rural territories in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.
29/06/2015Training in applied biotechnology in agriculture underway for Central America and the Caribbean
Agricultural professionals and producers from 13 countries in Central America and the Caribbean participated in a training event to drive agricultural development in their countries.
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