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11/09/2015Agreement signed to promote agricultural development in Latin America and the Caribbean
A partnership involving IICA and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation aims to promote knowledge and training for the development of agriculture.
28/08/2015Experts analyzed the challenges faced by regional markets in Argentina
The Director General of IICA and the Secretary of Agriculture of Argentina shared their perspectives on the opportunities regional markets possess in the food production sector.
24/08/2015IICA reports on its progress prior to the 2015 Meeting of Ministers
In his address to the Ministers of Agriculture of Central America, the Director General of IICA highlighted the importance of making decisions to drive the sector’s productivity and competitiveness.
24/08/2015Caribbean countries analyze the benefits of climate-smart agriculture
A forum supported by IICA allowed specialists in climate change and natural resource management to share their experiences and knowledge of this topic.
24/08/2015Training program strengthens over 200 technicians in Central America and the Caribbean
Courses supported by IICA and the Mexican government promote technical innovations to increase agricultural productivity and competitiveness.
13/08/2015Countries in the Americas will discuss the defense of agriculture in the hemisphere
A meeting in Brazil will facilitate discussions and the sharing of experiences to contribute to harmonizing sanitary and phytosanitary measures.
03/08/2015Central America braces for stronger than expected El Niño
To protect agriculture, experts recommend adjusting seeding schedules, using water catchment systems, and planting drought-resistant varieties.
03/08/2015Caribbean countries take part in the Regional Colloquium of the Codex Alimentarius
The meeting, organized by IICA and the United States Department of Agriculture, is the third to be held in Latin America this year.
21/07/2015Countries settle on a proposal for the financial strengthening of IICA
An initiative for the countries of the Americas to increase their annual contributions to IICA will be presented to the ministers of agriculture of the region at the meeting they will be holding in Mexico in October.
20/07/2015In October
Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas to discuss productivity and sustainability

This year, the highest-level meeting of the hemisphere’s agricultural sector will be taking place in Mexico, organized by that country’s Secretariat of Agriculture and IICA.
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