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17/04/2015Authorities recognize the contribution of IICA to agriculture in Costa Rica
According to IICA Representative, Miguel Ángel Arvelo, over the last four years, IICA has invested nearly USD 2 million in technical cooperation in this country.
16/04/2015Mexico to increase cooperation for agriculture in Central America
The second stage of a program aimed at building capacities needed to develop agriculture in the countries of Central America and the Caribbean is now under way.
15/04/2015FONTAGRO issues call for project proposals on innovation in family agriculture
The fund, sponsored by the IDB and IICA, will make USD 1.6 million available for initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean.
01/04/2015Argentina launches Master’s degree in plant health management for international trade
The specialized course and the training school that will impart it are the outcome of a project implemented by IICA with various partners in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.
31/03/2015IICA and CIRAD renew ties to promote agriculture and rural development in LAC
The Director General of IICA paid a visit to CIRAD in France, and the two institutions agreed to work in areas of technology, agroindustry and agricultural policy.
23/03/2015Via videos, Guatemalan growers share techniques for increasing productivity in corn and bean farming
IICA, the WFP and the international organization Access Agriculture will promote the use of IICA videos in training growers and agricultural extension agents.
20/03/2015Improved agricultural practices benefit 9700 corn and bean growers in Guatemala
An increase of 25% in productivity in three regions of the country is one of the most important results of the Purchase for Progress project, being implemented with support from IICA.
17/03/2015Spain and IICA sign agreement to establish an office in Madrid
In Madrid, the Director General of the Institute analyzed the major challenges facing agriculture and signed an agreement that will strengthen ties between IICA and the Kingdom of Spain.
16/03/2015FONTAGRO to back sustainable production projects and an early warning system for coffee rust
This agricultural investment fund, sponsored by the IDB and IICA, is a unique regional cooperation mechanism that promotes innovation in family agriculture throughout LAC.
09/03/2015IICA sets up high-level technical committees to tackle the major challenges facing agriculture more effectively
IICA will have distinguished external advisers, such as the Minister of Agriculture of Uruguay, Tabaré Aguerre, and the former Minister of Agriculture of Brazil, Roberto Rodrigues.
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