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21/05/2015The Permanent Council of the OAS endorses IICA’s new cooperation model
The Director General of IICA presented the Institute’s Annual Report in Washington.
19/05/2015Results of agricultural census in Costa Rica presented
IICA provided support by training census takers from the National Institute of Statistics and Census of Costa Rica and created a virtual classroom to function as a reference source for census takers while they visited farms.
18/05/2015A river basin in Costa Rica drives the progress of the IICA-EUROCLIMA project
A cross-sectoral project against land degradation caught the attention of a group of Latin American researchers promoting agriculture’s adaptation to climate change.
14/05/2015Investment in agriculture require better liaison between the public and private sectors
At the World Economic Forum on Latin America, held in Mexico, the Director General of IICA stated that the private sector was a key ally for strengthening agriculture.
12/05/2015Central American agriculture must prepare for El Niño
Dry conditions or an excess of rain in certain parts of the region could pose risks to livestock and the production of staple grains and sugarcane.
07/05/2015IICA and CENTROGEO report on advances in Geoweb platform
In a forum organized by IICA, researchers from CENTROGEO, of Mexico, explained how this on-line system will contribute to rural-area based development in Central America.
30/04/2015IICA provides support to strengthen agricultural research in Guatemala
A new agreement is aimed at benefitting agricultural chains in the country’s Western highlands, cardamom-producing region, and Eastern dry corridor.
23/04/2015A call for gender equality in the field by means of public policies
Gloria Abraham, IICA’s Representative in Mexico, explained that rural women in Mexico dedicate 65% more time to agricultural work than men.
23/04/2015IICA promotes access for Guyana’s producers to local markets
As part of the support it provides to the Agricultural Policies Program (APP) of the Caribbean, IICA analyzed the challenges Guyana’s producers are facing to tap into local markets.
21/04/2015Preparations underway for the next meeting of the Inter-American Board of Agriculture
The highest-level ministerial forum on agriculture will be held on the Mexican Riviera Maya in October of this year.
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