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17/12/2014Credit for rural women

17/12/2014Training of the population

17/12/2014The poultry farm

17/12/2014Agricultural activities designed to increase production and thereby improve food security

17/12/2014Construction and distribution of more efficient wood burning stoves

17/12/2014The community nursery and reforestation

17/12/2014IICA project financed by Caritas Diocesana de Bilbao in Spain
Reforestation and energy saving stoves are improving living conditions in Haiti

The opening of a tree nursery, the use of more efficient wood burning stoves, the planting of improved varieties and the construction of a poultry farm are some of the actions carried out under this inspiring project.
12/12/2014Fair trade approach to be used to strengthen ties between producers and local markets
Under the IICA-CLAC project, work will be carried out in three Central American countries with producers’ organizations that have already obtained fair trade certification or have the potential to do so.
12/12/2014Promotion of the use of clean energies to improve agricultural productivity in the Andean region
At the COP 20 in Peru, IICA’s EEP program and other international organizations gave presentations highlighting the progress made with initiatives for the use of renewable energies in agricultural production.
12/12/2014Rural dwellings in Peru incorporate innovations and use renewable energies
At the Voices for Climate forum, held within the framework of the COP 20 in Lima, the Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) with the Andean Region presented several innovative initiatives. The EEP program is implemented by IICA with funding from the Government of Finland.
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