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19/11/2014FAO, ECLAC and IICA:
Family agriculture benefits from selling its products in nearby farmers’ markets

A new bulletin published by the FAO, ECLAC and IICA explains how food marketing systems based on direct sales and proximity benefit consumers and family agriculture.
18/11/2014Experts advocate application of fair trade concept to local markets
Latin America and the Caribbean supplies over 80% of the products marketed under fair trade standards worldwide.
18/11/2014In the run up to the COP 20:
IICA to take part in forum on sustainable landscape management in Lima

The Director General of IICA will be participating in the Global Landscapes Forum 2014, an event dealing with forest conservation, agriculture, energy and climate change.
18/11/2014In Costa Rica:
Firms updated about U.S. import requirements

IICA, USDA, USAID and the FDA prepared Costa Rica’s exporters for the regulations likely to be introduced under of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act
13/11/2014Improving talent retention is key to promoting agricultural innovation and competitiveness in the Caribbean
At a meeting in Suriname, specialists from the Caribbean discussed the challenges facing agricultural production in the region, and the constraints to the implementation of innovation processes.
11/11/2014Mexico provides advisory assistance for the implementation of family farming projects in the Caribbean countries
As part of a training program for the Caribbean countries, Mexican specialists are supervising the implementation of projects aimed at the development of Caribbean agriculture.
06/11/2014Latin America and the Caribbean:
Agricultural policies should encourage the inclusion of women and youth in development

International Conference on Public Policy and Family Farming –bringing together experts in the search for solutions to the challenges of smallholder production –comes to a close.
04/11/2014The development of family farming in Latin America and the Caribbean to come under the spotlight in Chile
At a conference organized by IICA, FAO, ECLAC, CIRAD and the Government of Chile, specialists from LAC will discuss the outlook for family farming in the region.
31/10/2014Forum envisions new role for family agriculture in local economies
Participants in the event, attended by the President of Costa Rica, analyzed the challenges facing the family agriculture sector and young people in rural areas.
31/10/2014Mexican specialists advise Caribbean farmers on soil conservation
The training is being promoted by IICA and the Secretariat of Agriculture of Mexico.
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