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29/08/2014Family agriculture sector urged to use agricultural waste in the production of biogas
The production of biogas will provide those in the family agriculture sector with access to renewable and sustainable sources of energy, which will contribute to their development and to inclusion in rural territories.
22/08/2014First stage of Mexico’s agricultural training for the Caribbean completed
Subjects of the courses held for Caribbean professionals and producers included plant pathology, soil and water conservation and sheep production.
22/08/2014Agricultural planning should incorporate risk management
IICA encourages its member countries to avail themselves of its technical capacity to develop systems for climate risk management in agriculture
18/08/2014Fostering the national dialogue for promoting biofuels in Costa Rica
IICA supports the inclusion of agricultural producers in an initiative by the Ministry of Agriculture that seeks to use biomass to produce biofuels in the country.
05/08/2014IICA to support construction of Costa Rica’s agricultural and rural policy
Agricultural authorities and IICA will work together to devise the Institute’s cooperation strategy for the country for the period 2014-2018.
05/08/2014SECAC and IICA alert ministers of agriculture: Central America must be attentive to the effects of El Niño
Phenomenon likely to result in irregular and below-normal rainfall and a more intense, prolonged dry season in some areas of Central America and the Dominican Republic.
31/07/2014In response to coffee rust: Promotion of early warning system in Central America is recommended
IICA and PROMECAFE will continue to carry out short, medium and long term actions to deal with the impact of rust in this region.
28/07/2014IICA and CONACYT extend scholarship program in Mexico for another three years
Developing human talent to promote the modernization of agriculture in the Americas.
24/07/2014IICA calls for human health to be placed at the core of all agricultural health activities
Víctor M. Villalobos underscored the importance of integrating public health, market competitiveness and productivity to promote the development of agricultural health and food safety in Mexico.
22/07/2014Costa Rica’s cattle farmers devise strategies for coping with El Niño
IICA and Costa Rican producers and senior agricultural officials identified measures to reduce the negative impact of El Niño on the country’s livestock industry.
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