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03/03/2015Specialists promote agenda for advancing agricultural insurance in Latin America and the Caribbean
At a meeting organized by IICA, international experts underscored the importance of facilitating risk management tools for small and medium-scale producers.
02/03/2015IICA launches virtual food inspection school in Central America and the Dominican Republic
By means of a digital platform, the Institute and leading universities in each country will train food inspectors and promote integration processes in the region.
24/02/2015IICA acknowledges Mexico’s support in promoting LAC agriculture
The Director General of IICA highlighted the country’s support in promoting issues such as innovation, agribusiness, and agricultural health in the region.
12/02/2015IDB-IICA sponsored fund receives 1.8 million US dollars for projects aimed at reducing agricultural emissions
Thanks to these and other contributions, FONTAGRO will have USD 5.8 million at its disposal for promoting projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.
27/01/2015EMBRAPA and IICA evaluate financing of 33 project proposals for the development of agriculture in LAC
Fifty-eight projects designed to strengthen small-scale agriculture were submitted in response to the third call for proposals of the LAC Market Place initiative.
26/01/2015IICA attended the inauguration of President Evo Morales
In Bolivia, the Director General of IICA was honored by the Association of Agronomists for his professional achievements and contributions to agricultural and rural development.
23/01/2015IICA supports strategy to promote value added in Costa Rican agriculture
The Institute is supporting the process of modernizing Costa Rica’s institutional framework for agriculture undertaken by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.
23/01/2015Central American agriculture will benefit from the new geospatial information system
IICA and a Mexican research center have signed an agreement for work on the development of solutions to food security issues in Central America.
19/01/2015Government of Chile and IICA to promote agricultural insurance
With the development of agricultural insurance, producers would be able to manage the risk involved in their production activities.
16/01/2015IICA and scientific research center in Yucatán join forces to promote innovations in agriculture
New agreement will make it possible to generate projects related to tissue culture and specialized training.
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