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22/07/2014Costa Rica’s cattle farmers devise strategies for coping with El Niño
IICA and Costa Rican producers and senior agricultural officials identified measures to reduce the negative impact of El Niño on the country’s livestock industry.
17/07/2014Mexico and IICA begin agricultural training for Caribbean countries
The courses, targeted at Caribbean producers and public- and private-sector technical officers and professionals, will deal with a number of subjects, including family agriculture and rural development.
17/07/2014Potato growers and agricultural institutions in Costa Rica create consortium for innovation
The main objectives will be to promote associative enterprises in the potato chain and improve the supply, and increase the value added, of the product.
17/07/2014Tomato consortium set up in Costa Rica
The alliance was created under an IICA program financed by Europe aimed at strengthening the food security of small-scale producers in Central America.
10/07/2014Conflict between Russia and Ukraine could affect agriculture in the Americas
The Director General of IICA recommended closely monitoring market signals and reviewing import and export strategies for wheat and corn.
09/07/2014Countries evaluate challenges involved in adapting agriculture to climate change
Representatives of Latin America’s ministries of agriculture and environment met at IICA to advance the regional dialogue on climate change and agriculture.
30/06/2014A dialogue to strengthen IICA’s technical capacity
The Offices in the 34 member countries have embarked on a process of dialogue, promoted by the Director General, to equip the Institute with the operational mechanisms it requires to achieve its medium-term goals.
23/06/2014Links between agriculture and tourism in the Caribbean to be strengthened
IICA and a tourism promotion organization aim to increase the agricultural sector’s participation in the Caribbean tourism industry.
20/06/2014Canada to strengthen regulatory framework for food inspection
New legislation establishes the same inspection processes for food imports and exports and domestically produced foodstuffs.
16/06/2014Changes to LAC standards for pesticides use in food promoted
IICA, USDA, and FAO support research in 11 Latin American countries to update the maximum residual levels of pesticides in food for this region.
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