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31/10/2014Forum envisions new role for family agriculture in local economies
Participants in the event, attended by the President of Costa Rica, analyzed the challenges facing the family agriculture sector and young people in rural areas.
31/10/2014Mexican specialists advise Caribbean farmers on soil conservation
The training is being promoted by IICA and the Secretariat of Agriculture of Mexico.
27/10/2014FONTAGRO reaffirms its commitment to innovation and family farming adaptation to climate change
The Fund is implementing new partnerships to co-finance projects implemented between its member countries.
27/10/2014Capabilities for promoting agricultural innovation boosted in Trinidad and Tobago
Agricultural professionals and producers took part in training promoted by Mexico and IICA in the Caribbean.
13/10/2014Within the framework of the presentation of the Outlook for Agriculture report:
Main challenges faced by family agriculture in LAC presented in Spain

For the third year running in Spain, IICA, FAO and ECLAC presented a report on the situation and outlook for agriculture and rural development in the Americas.
13/10/2014Carbon neutrality can make agribusinesses more competitive
Officials from across Latin America learned about the WTO’s provisions on environment, with a view to promoting policies designed to make agriculture more competitive and sustainable.
10/10/2014Mexico and IICA evaluate first results of training for the Caribbean
Training program seeks to equip human resources with capabilities needed to improve the productivity of Caribbean agriculture.
09/10/2014Agreement reached on actions to promote the participation and development of young people in agriculture
The positive action of young people in rural areas will be promoted as one of the tools for tackling the major challenges faced by agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean.
08/10/2014IICA launches Dialogue for Agricultural Policies in the Americas this thursday
The U.S. Agricultural Act of 2014 will be the first to be discussed in the hemispheric meetings, to be attended by all the Offices via videoconference.
24/09/2014IICA launches its flagship projects for the next four years
The Institute has opted for a management approach based on verifiable and measurable results.
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